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Best Prom Clutches

You will see that finding the perfect dress is only half of what it takes to get your looks together for the day.  Prom Clutches will also play a significant role. When choosing accessories, you will want to go with pieces that complement your dress and not distract from it. A clutch is one of the accessories you will be wearing to prom. It gives an additional feminine flair to your look. When you decide on one, you want it to be the right choice.

The Best Clutches for Prom Night

As clutches are made in different styles from plain to elaborate designs, the perfect clutch would be one that is opposite in design to the dress you have chosen. For instance, if you select a plain dress, you may want to go for a sequin clutch or one that is beaded. If you have chosen a dress with the elaborate design, then a plain but sophisticated clutch will be perfect to go with it.

Essential for Your Prom Clutch:

Best Clutches for Prom Night - swarovski clutch - sexy prom dresses

As the clutch is quite small, you can only have few important things in it. You do not want it cramped or have the contents of your purse spilling all over the place because the clasp has refused to stay close. These prom clutch essentials include:

A perfume sample

Bobby pins

Hairspray and little comb

Blotting sheets

Your phone


Gum or mints

Safety pins

Lipstick and compact


  • Tips For Choosing a Clutch

The clutch you choose should compliment and not distract from your dress. This means you should choose a clutch that is contrary to the design on your dress.

You can pick a clutch with colors that match that of your dress, or you can match with your shoes and accessories.

Tall girls should go for larger clutches while petite girls should go for smaller clutches.

If you are a big girl, then the flat envelope clutches are more flattering for your figure. If on the other hand, you are very slim, you should get a round shape and soft looking clutch.

Think of what you will be putting in your clutch before purchasing, you wouldn’t want to cram a little clutch and have the contents spilling out because you couldn’t get it to close properly. You do also not want your clutch to look stuffed.

You may prefer to choose a clutch with a shoulder strap option. This strap leaves your hand free for dancing and ensures you are not tired from holding your clutch all night.

Vintage clutch purses are always a sure hit. Go for this if you are not sure what designer to choose from.

As you will most likely use the clutch after your prom night, you may want to consider a seasonal color like tan or nude. Black and white may be difficult to pair with other outfits. Metallic and gold color clutches also pair well with clothes and make a statement.

Also consider getting an elaborately embellished clutch such as one with a rhinestone, beaded, a unique shape such that it draws attention to your person.


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